4 Week Course Curriculum

You will mount two birds while you are enrolled. They can be two ducks or two pheasants or one of each. One will be standing and the other flying. Habitat will also be incorporated in both mounts. You will also be taught casting artificial heads, altering forms, injecting feet and much more.

You will mount two deer’s from start to finish. Preparing capes and forms, while learning measurements to insure proper form. You will then finish the deer, once¬†
time has passed for it to dry.

You will mount one fish. You will learn how to skin, make your own body, cast your own head as well as mount and paint.

Small Game
You will mount two mammals, one small, and one medium sized. You will also be taught to tan the skin as well.

All specimens will be provided. If you choose to mount a specimen that is different then what is supplied, different specimens can be substituted for an additional charge. Prices are listed below
All mounts are yours to keep, but I will need a notice before your course with your desired animal choice.

Specimen Estimate Price Sheet
Specimens vary in price depending on size and quality
All are already tanned.

Specimen Capes Antlers/Horns Lifesize
White Tail Deer $150.00 and up $50.00 and up $800.00
Mule Deer $175.00 and up $100.00 and up $800.00
Elk $350.00 and up $250.00 and up $1200.00
Antelope $175.00 and up $75.00 and up $550.00
Black Bear $600.00
Grizzly Bear $4000.00
Mountain Goat $300.00 $200.00 $1200.00
Mountain Lion $900.00
Fox $175.00
Coyote $185.00
Bobcat $225.00
Raccoon $150.00
Lynx $600.00
Badger $175.00
Wolf $900.00
Moose $1800.00
Pine Marten $125.00

Official Visit
You will also have a State Game Warden visit with you and explain the laws & requirements of operating your own business.