8 Week Course

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8 Week Course
8 Week Course Description

Week one – You will mount two birds. One will be a Pheasant the other a Duck. One will be flying and one will be standing. You will learn how to skin, flesh, wash and mount your birds as well as basic habitat construction you will also learn how to carve or wrap your own bodies and basic airbrush techniques.

Second week – You will mount two dear heads. You will learn how to skin, flesh and tan your own capes as well as sculpt and basic airbrush techniques for finishing your trophies.

Third week – You will mount two life size mammals. One will be a small mammal like squirrel, muskrat or mink the other will be a medium mammal of your choice like Fox, Coyote or Bobcat. You will learn skinning, fleshing, basic form alteration, basic habitat construction and proper carcass measurements for a proper fit. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to wrap your own custom small mammal body.

Fourth week – You will mount two fish. One Bass and Trout or one Bass and one crappie. You will learn to measure skin, flesh and carve your own bodies as well as basic habitat and basic airbrushing creating your own artificial heads.

Fifth week – You will mount one turkey or two Geese one large and one small you will learn Advanced airbrush techniques on painting freeze dried heads as well as molding and casting your own bird heads in silicone and different rubber compounds. Learning these large birds is a must in bird taxidermy.

Sixth week – You will mount a nice life size deer, you will learn skinning, fleshing, tanning, form preparation, proper measuring for the right fit as well as advanced habitat construction and creating a beautiful piece for your showroom.

Seventh week – You will be mounting one competition large game head. This will include mounting a larger game head using competition techniques, advanced airbrush tricks and design and composition to create a stunning show piece.

Eighth week – You will be learning more advanced airbrushing techniques , as well as molding and casting duck feet, bills, rock molding and painting, antler staining, more form alterations more habitat and design as well as business instruction.

This 8 – week course will be a very intense course which will lead you to your dream of having your own business in the beautiful art of taxidermy and doing what you love and recreating God’s Beautiful Creatures.

All supplies, Specimens, and forms are supplied by instructor if student wants something different additional charges may apply.