African and Reptile Course

Week 1

  • You will mount two Diamond Back Rattlesnakes.
  • One will be openmouth and one closed mouth.
  • You will skin, flesh and tan your own skins
  • After mounting your snakes you will create two different habitats and learn moulding procedures.

Week 2

  • This week you will mount two turtles. One will be a snapping turtle the other will be a soft shell turtle-which will be a reproduction
  • You will learn many different ways to cast artificial parts as well as painting your reproduction using oil paints.
  • You will also create proper habitats for each turtle.

Week 3

  • You will mount two lizards this week.
  • One will be an Iguana or Black Monitor the other will be a Collard Lizard.
  • Skinning, fleshing, tanning and base reconstruction as well as casting some parts.

Week 4

  • This week you will be skinning, fleshing, tanning a four to five foot alligator.
  • You will learn how to cast the interior of the mouth as well as make moulds of feet, head and tail.
  • This will be a 50-60 hour week.

Week 5

  • This week you will mount two African Antelope.
  • There will be no skinning of these because they will be tanned skins.
  • One will be an Impala the other a Reed Buck or Gems Buck.
  • When dry, you will sculpt and paint your heads.

Week 6

  • You will mount two lifesize small mammals. One will be a small Duiker antelope the other a Jackal or small wild cat.
  • These skins will also be tanned

Week 7

  • You will mount two African birds.
  • One will be a Guinea hen the other will be a large goose-Egyptian or Spur Winged Goose.
  • You will learn to mould and cast bills as well as artificial water making.

Week 8

  • This final week will be all finish work. Base making, painting, grooming your mounts as well as habitat reconstrucion
  • You will also trim out your bases with wood.

This course is difficult and demanding but when complete, very rewarding.

  • All specimens and supplies will be provided by Wild Trophies Taxidermy School.
  • The cost of this course is $20,000 and 320 to 350 class hours.
  • All specimens the student mounts while here are yours to take home.

No new equipment needed. No new instructors, I wil be teaching all the classes.