Why Choose Wild Trophies Taxidermy School

  1. Class size is kept small. Three to five students maximum per course to ensure your maximum quality. You can learn more in a shorter period of time and get back to your normal schedule & lifestyle and better yet START 
  2. I will supply all items needed for your stay. Basic specimens and forms are provided, but different ones can be done by the student at additional costs. A list of addtional specimens available and costs can be found below. You are welcome to bring your own camera in order to document the lessons for future references.
Specimen Estimate Price Sheet
Specimans vary in price depending on size and quality
All are already tanned.

Specimen Capes Antlers/Horns Lifesize
White Tail Deer $150.00 and up $50.00 and up $800.00
Mule Deer $175.00 and up $100.00 and up $800.00
Elk $350.00 and up $250.00 and up $1200.00
Antelope $175.00 and up $75.00 and up $550.00
Black Bear $600.00
Grizzly Bear $4000.00
Mountain Goat $300.00 $200.00 $1200.00
Mountain Lion $900.00
Fox $175.00
Coyote $185.00
Bobcat $225.00
Raccoon $150.00
Lynx $600.00
Badger $175.00
Wolf $900.00
Moose $1800.00
Pine Marten $125.00

“Bruce created the most beautiful masterpiece for my home, my wife wasn’t even angry that I was bringing a deer into the home when she saw it”
Billy Davis (Customer of Wild Trophies Taxidermy)

“Not only did Bruce capture the beauty of the duck, but he captured the essence of my whole family duck-hunting experience through his mounting perfection” 
Guy Bailey (Satisfied customer of Wild Trophies Taxidermy)


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wtaddrCall to become a student at the BEST taxidermy school in Missouri!

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